Qen Sew EP
Ethiopian Records (E.R.)
format ; digital
1432R004 (vinyl with bonus track)
format ; vinyl digital


Ethiopian Records (born Endeguena Mulu) is a musician based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mulu first started making music while in high school, experimenting with a wide spectrum of sound palettes. His tastes and influences are as varied as his productions, ranging from traditional Ethiopian folk music, to the dub heavy electronics of Mala. 


Qen Sew, which translates as "good-hearted" or "kind-hearted person", is dedicated to Mulu's father. As his debut EP, Mulu shows the impressive power of Ethiopiyawi as he brings traditional Ethiopian sounds into the future of now. The vinyl copy comes with a bonus track - a flowing remix from Washington D.C.’s Beautiful Swimmers that slides perfectly with captivating ease into any dance floor.