MD x FAM2 Mix

by max d

Redman - Funkorama (Instrumental)
Bahamadia - accapella
Gallery S/MoMA Ready - The Creation of a Universe
Carlton - Excite Me (Super Ride Mix)
Loraine James - So Scared
??? - ???
??? - ???
Dreciya - Fusion Flats
Ulla - Something I Can’t Show
Nick Leon - Floating Islands
Infiniti - Postcard From The Future
Psychedelic Furs - Goodbye Edit
Moodymann - Lt1
Dolo Percussion - ???
??? - ???
Detroit’s Filthiest - The Chase Scene
buttechno - dubber funk
Infiniti - Harddrive
Jordan GCZ - Bah Bah

Max D (real name Andrew Field-Pickering) has almost a staggering number of balls in the air at all times. His outrageous level of participation in various musical projects around Washington DC and beyond can feel overwhelming or exciting to dig through, depending on how you're feeling that morning.

His label, Future Times, is debateably one of the best in Washington DC if not the entire East Coast. It hit a whopping 50 releases last year. One of the releases included FT's newest compilation project, FIGS, which was widely acclaimed and showcased projects from superstars like Beatrice Dillon as well as newer names like Soso Tharpa.

Expect Andrew to keep an ear to the ground and stay invested with the robust local scene. After dropping a monster of an LP with us, he's already busy working on collaborations with Dreamcast, Model Home, Lifted, Sir EU, and Jackson Ryland of Rush Plus. New solo work in the form of Dolo Percussion doesn't seem far behind either. He says he's "really trying to like, melt the grid [with the new Dolo shit]...[He's] very into melted/liquid drum sounds right now."


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