by soso tharpa

Ruxpin - Routine Retirement of a Replicant
Foodman - Percussion
Syclops - Spin Cycle
Bep Koroti - Pororonga
Toma Kami - Dali Bear
Linkwood - Nae Drama
Scratcha DVA - Step 2 Funky
Leikeli47 - Girl Blunt (Garneau Bootleg)
Leonce - Penetration Testing
TC80 - Virtual Cascades
Cop Envy - Leisure
Laksa - It Feels Like I've Been Here Before
soso tharpa - The Easy Wy Out
Batu & Lurka - Curved
Maxmillion Dunbar - Cassette Arabic
Kowton - Doing Nothing
Ovid - Pressure Plate
Akito - Sneak Diss edit
soso tharpa - drive slow thru (Georgia Avenue)
Flørist - Horn

Soso Tharpa offers EF a mix that's really going to make you miss the club.

(Real name) Michael Aniewkwe has been creating a new and special sort of excitement for a few of us here in DC. Talking to, interacting with Aniewkwe in any way, he feels like a small micro party in and of himself, blessed and watched over by an encouraging Dionysus. When in a good mood (which quite possibly is most the time), he jokes nonstop, seeming to feed off of fun and laughter. If he senses that the vibe is right, you can trust him to come early and stay late for events, particularly to support other local talent. If the old adage of 'you reap what you sow' has any merit, this guy has a lot of love headed towards him just from a cosmic/karmic mathematical POV. The fun demeanor and easy silliness might seem like it comes from someone who can't take things seriously, but there is no joking around about his musical tastes and offerings.

In 2019, after Soso Tharpa released a single on Future Time's latest compilation, his debut EP on the same hometown label Decode was released with a delicate dosing of equal parts aplomb and veracity. All of his music sounds like it was produced by someone far beyond his years, as he has a connection to timelessness that's an intuition which can't be taught.

Soso Tharpa's next release, the Evolution EP, will be released by 1432 R this summer. Watch this space.


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