excerpt - Leonid Ponomarev 'In Quest of the Quantum'

It has long been known that science is only one of the methods of studying the world around us. Another - complementary - method is realized in art. The joint existence of art and science is in itself a good illustration of the complementary principle. You can devote yourself completely to science of live exclusively in your art. Both points of vies are valid, but, taken separately, are incomplete. The backbone of science is logic and experiment. The basis of art is intuition and insight. But the art of ballet requires mathematical accuracy and, as Pushkin wrote, ‘Inspiration in geometry is just as necessary as in poetry'. They complement rather than contradict each other. True science is akin to art, in the same way as real art always includes elements of science. They reflect different, complementary aspects of human experiences and give us a complete idea of the world only when taken together. Unfortunately, we do not know the ‘uncertainty relation’ for the conjugate pair of concepts ‘science and art.’ Hence we cannot assess the degree of damage we undergo from a one-sided perception of life.