lil Mix Series

downloadable sound collages from artists, djs, collectors, label bosses, record shop keeps, writers, kings n queens, based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) , USA ; curated by Joyce

Beautiful Swimmers

EF43 Beautiful Swimmers - WOW mix

Dread & Fred - Unity
LN’s - Good For Me/No Good For Me (Dub For Me)
Huey Mnemonic - Vibrations Radio
Doo Dew Kids - Doo Dew Lifted
?? - ??
Do Or Die - Can You Make It Hot (Instrumental)
Stefan Ringer - Got Me 123
DATA BASS - A Trip In The Night (Pumpin Mix)
Mantronix - Bass Machine Re-Tuned (Phat Girls Tuning)
Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy
Floppy Life - Pieces
Dreamscape - Forevermore
Los Dos - Mi Savor
Cygnus - Neon Flux
Secondo - We Got It Like That
C.K. - Log Off
Max D - Cuz Its The Way

Chris richards

EF42 - Greenhouse Symmetry Glide

Steve Roach - Towards the Blue
Danna and Clement - Gradual Awakening
Uma Silbey - Garden of Love
JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest Music
Ariel Kalma - Planet Air
Robert Rich - Rainforest Suite: Surface
Ariel Kalma - Message 18.10.77
JD Emmanuel - Rain Forest - A Beautiful Meditation Experience
Uma Silbey - Watergarden
Danna and Clement - Hanging Flame
Steve Roach - The Green Place, Part One

DJ Native SUn

EF41 - Orûmila

Waajeed - Winston's Midnight Disco
Chris Stussy - Crate Diggin
Karizma - Work It Out
Sweely - Stronger Than Me
Jaymie Silk - Slaveship
TD_Nasty - MOELR Groove - Tribal (Original)
Neuropunk - Mental
Hagan - Roots 
Roska - Running (unreleased)
Scratcha DVA - Kong
DJ Booman - Freeze (Gipsy Trax edit)
James Banger - South Beach Juice Box
George Benson - Give Me The Night (MikeQ Remix)
Capital K’AOS - Vader Vjuan 
Allure - GOBESIQOLO (remix)
Hagan - Gyal You A Party Animal (Hagan Remix)


Analog Tara

EF40: Strawberry Moon Mix

Analog Tara - Windup Groove/Steady State Remix
Analog Tara - Mobile Sources Remix
Analog Tara - What Follows Remix 
Analog Tara - Pulse and Light 
Analog Tara - Density and Surface 
Analog Tara - Percolation 
Analog Tara - Propulsion 
Analog Tara - Hexagon 
Analog Tara - Undecagon 
Analog Tara - Nonagon 
Analog Tara - Life On Mars Is Listening Remix


EF39: Bam Stoker’s Jackula

Dietrich Schoenemann - Age(less)
Walter T - Constellation (Original Mix)
Sean Deason - Sience Funktion (Original Mix)
Aux 88 - Astral Projections featuring Ice Truck (Detroit Mix)
AWB - Kinetic Lullaby (Pris Remix)
Kaczmarek - IIIIIIIII (VSK Remix)
Soramimi - Collapsed Gods
Solid Gold Playaz - Next Faze Of The Game - Original Mix
Mute - Driver’s License (Original Mix)
Furtive - Periodical Anomaly
Regis - Blood Witness
Gene Hunt - Inspire (Balmoral St. mix)
Gant Garrard - Midnight Freakin - Original Mix
Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)


EF38 - Sequences Amongst Other Things

Trev-Ski - Welcome to the Family
Trev-Ski - Warm Embrace
Trev-Ski - Thats Hot!
Trev-Ski - 270
Trev-Ski - The Look in your Eyes
Trev-Ski - Free!
Trev-Ski - Dont Make Me Wait
Trev-Ski - Music is my Therapy
Trev-Ski - Hey Boy!
Trev-Ski - Lively Horns
Trev-Ski - Girl!
Trev-Ski - Work the Middle
Trev-Ski - Love Machine
Trev-Ski - Connected
Trev-Ski - IDGAF
Trev-Ski - Let Go
Trev-Ski - Closer
Trev-Ski - Into You

The NeedlExchange -

The Spiritual

(part 5 of the Human Energy Series)

EF37: The Spiritual (part 5 of the Human Energy Series)

Cloud Face - J.P.
Tornado Wallace - Falling Sun
Hakimonu - Insular Realms
Cerrone - Funk Makossa
Prince - Sticky Like Glue
Sue Avenue - Hermeto
Elfenberg - Jafar
3KZ - Nature of Motion
Soundpersons - Funkodromo
Tilman - Want You So Bad
Its Thinking - Mild At Heart
Adesse Versions - Push It Along
Roman Rauch - Astral Toddlers
Introbeatz - That Dub (Tape Mix)
Butch - Shahrzad (Matthias Meyer Remix)
Exhausted Modern - Djullanar The Sea Girl
AnA - No Alternative
Ahmed Fakroun - Ya Blady
Vantane - Believe
Those Guys - Love Love Love
Paradiso Rhythm - I Never Felt This Way Before
Virginia - Lock & Hill
Tintonton Duvante - Remember




EF36: The Mental (Part 4 of the Human Energy Series by TNX)

B12 - Drift
Khidja - Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 117)
Minor Science - Volumes
Call Super, Beatrice Dillon - Fluo
The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else Pt. 2
Tranceonic - Arachnoteck
L.E. Bass - Strive (Survive Mix)
Markee Ledge - Make Your Move (Addison Groove Remix)
Simo Cell - Cellar Door
Hodge - Renegades
Joe - Tail Lift
Lone Dancer - House Is A Tunnel
Pharaoh - Ganymede
Alesia Cosmos - Le Vol Du Bourbon